How To Guides

Learn how to set up specific features relating to the system such as online payments, customer accounts, order printing and more.
Here are the articles in this section:
Setup Printing For Windows
Learn how to setup and configure order printing for Windows devices with our printing software
Setup Printing For Android
Learn how to setup and configure order printing for Android devices with our printing software
Print Multiple Copies for Android
Learn how to print multiple reciept copies with our printer software
Printing - API Key
How to setup your API key. This is used to connect your online printing configuration to your PushPrinter application a...
Setup Split Printing
A quick video guide showing you how to configure split printing in Diner Websites Ordering.
Setup Stripe Payments
Learn how to setup Stripe, our recommend online payments provider due to their streamlined setup and user experience
Setup PayPal Payments
Learn how to accept online payments using your own PayPal account with our simple setup process
Setup Apple Pay with
Learn how to set up Apple Pay together with to accept frictionless credit card payments from the customers ...
Setup Custom Checkout Fields
A quick overview video of how to add custom checkout fields per service in Diner Websites Ordering.
Setup Facebook Login
Learn how to setup the Facebook login system for customers to easily create accounts using Facebook
How to add Driver Tracking
Driver Tracking powered by (previously know as provides customer notifications with real-time ...
Setup A Custom Domain
Learn how to connect your own custom domain name to your online store for better branding and SEO
Link Directly to menu
Lean how to use menu_id to create a direct link to a specific menu.
Setup an iOS & Android App
With our native mobile app solution, we are able to package your online store into your own custom branded mobile applic...
Setup Facebook Ordering
Enabling Facebook ordering will allow your customers to order from your Facebook page.